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Personal Service providing you with an individual smile.

Implant Attachment.

Denture Relining near Chatswood & Northern Sydney

Dental Prosthetist Services provided at North Shore Denture Clinic


  • Oral examinations and consultation
  • Full dentures
  • Partial metal dentures
  • Implant retained and supported dentures
  • Sports Mouthguards
  • Repair of broken dentures
  • Relining and remodelling of loose dentures
  • Cleaning and polishing of dentures
  • Placement of name in dentures
  • Soft liners
  • No referral necessary
  • Martin also treats patients under the following schemes:  
    Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
    NSW Health (OHFFSS).
Assorted teeth.
Custom impression trays.

"Personal service providing you with an individual smile."

Professional Denture Cleaning with the Sympro Denture Cleaner

The problem is dentures change with age…

The cleaning you do at home every day is correct and important, but it cannot prevent deposits forming and spreading caused by:

  •        Bacterial plaque
  •        Stubborn tartar
  •        Stains caused by foodstuffs, e.g. tea, coffee, red wine, medicines
  •        Strong nicotine build up 

These deposits change over time. They harden within a day and trap the contamination.  The denture loses its luster and becomes marked and unattractive.


These deposits make the denture prone to bacteria and germs and this decay and depositing has unpleasant results: 

  •        Sour tasting and often bad breath
  •        Buildup of pressure points.


…. And carries high risks:

  •        Chronic and painful gingivitis
  •        Allergic reactions and gingiva illnesses
  •        Damage to health residual dentition
  •        Loss of function of the denture.

Regular and professional denture cleaning effectively removes stubborn and dangerous deposits and reduces risks.


I have recently invested in a state of the art Denture Cleaning Machine that is specifically made for professionally cleaning dentures In just 20 minutes Your denture undergoes an intense cleaning process.  The result is a smooth surface, free from deposits, bacteria and germs and odors.  The denture retains is function and its value is extended. I recommend this service three to four times per year. This simplifies daily cleaning at home.  Also, I can better spot any defects (cracks, fissures, or other changes) and can repair them in time.